Keith Robson Golf Tuition - grips


  Types of grips


  Grips to suit size of player’s hand


  Condition of grips


There are many types of grip, both manufacturers and sizing. The make is really a matter of choice, however the correct sizing is instrumental to your game.


Manufacturers include:

  • Lamkin
  • Golf Pride
  • Winn

Plus most golf club manufacturers produce their own grips eg.

  • Yonex
  • Titleist
  • Mizuno
  • Ping
  • Calloway
  • Super Strokes – Specifically for Putting

All of these manufacturers produce similar grips, which come in standard, midsize & oversize. Some players prefer to maintain the same make of grip to match the clubs they use, however, the most commonly used grips are Lamkin & Golf Pride. It really comes down to taste.

To suit size of Player’s Hands

  1. A Narrower grip should be used for
    • A player with smaller hands
    • A player who requires more club head speed
    • A player whose fingers do not fully encircle the grip
  2. A Fatter grip, built up, Midsize or Oversize should be used for
    • A player with large hands
    • A player who consistently draws or hooks the ball
    • A player with arthritis, who struggles to hold a smaller grip
    • A player whose fingers wrap around the grip, and dig into the palm of their hand

In gripping or re-gripping clubs a specialist would take all of the above into account, and fit the grip to suit that specific player. If the player’s hand are large, then the shaft would be padded out with tape prior to fitting, in order that the player’s grip around the club is perfect.


Clubs should be re-gripped regularly, as the outer surface wears and becomes shiny and it is far more difficult to control the club during your swing.  This is true of all clubs in your bag, not just wedges.  As a rule of thumb, if a golfer plays 2 rounds of golf per week, their golf clubs would need to be re-gripped annually.