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The shaft is what determines how flexible or not the club is to use, so it is important for every golfer to choose the right shafts for their particular game, and swing speed, (as below). There are two major types of shafts: steel and graphite.  The only real difference between them is the weight.  Steel shafts are heavier than graphite, and therefore, more popular with men.  In fact, that is true of complete sets of irons, not just wedges.  And it is fair to say that a much larger proportion of men’s irons are steel, whereas more women use graphite.  It is important to remember that the weight of the shaft determines the total weight of the club.  Lighter clubs can increase swing speed, however, men tend to be very strong physically, and require a heavier club in order to control their swing, hence steel shafts.  Women on the other hand would normally use graphite, because they are lighter, and can increase swing speed leading to more length in the shot.

Within the range of steel shafts, some are known for being heavier than others, notably Dynamic Gold, which is without a doubt the most popular shaft in use today by professionals.

Swing Speed

Average amateur man swing speed                         80-90 mph
Average amateur woman’s swing speed                  60-80 mph

On these figures, the average lady would use a ladies regular shaft, and the average man would use a regular shaft.


The term “Flex” refers to the ability of the shaft to bend during the golf swing, and if using a shaft with the wrong flex for you, the clubface will not be square on impact, causing your shots to go off target.

Both graphite & steel shafts come in different flexs: Regular; firm; extra stiff; & extra, extra stiff, and the specific flex is determined by different swing speeds i.e. men have a faster swing in general to women, and therefore require a stiffer flexed shaft.  Whereas women normally use a ladies regular shaft, which is lighter & more flexible to give longer ball flight.

Graphite shaft manufacturers include:

  • Aldila
  • Graphite Design
  • Grafalloy
  • Mitsubishi Rayon

Steel shafts manufacturers include

  • Apollo
  • KBS, Project X
  • True Temper
  • Tom Wishon Golf
  • Dynamic Gold