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Wedges save Shots

Wedges can save shots anywhere from 100 yards to 10 yards from the green, and so it is probably the most important part of the game of golf.  So many players get close to the green and then waste 2, 3, or even 4 shots around the green.  With the right wedge, and a tight short game, handicaps will drop instantly.

If a golf professional misses the green, or is in trouble with a long shot, in the main they recover and save par with a good wedge shot.

It is important to know which wedge to use, whatever circumstance you find yourself in, and which shot to play with that wedge  There are many different variations of short shots with different wedges, low running shots, when trapped under trees etc., or high shots to clear hazards, bunkers, trees, banks, hills & water etc.  Also weather conditions must be taken into account, wind, rain etc.

Golf lessons in this area of the game are vital.

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