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Wedge Q and A

How are wedges made?
Forged or Cast – Forged is softer metal, so the ball will leave the club more slowly.Cast is harder metal, so the ball will leave the club faster
How many types of wedge are there?
Pitching wedge, Approach wedge, Sand wedge, & Lob wedge. These wedges have varying degrees of loft to suit the shot they are intended for.
Pitching Wedge is approx. 48 degrees
Approach Wedge approx. 52 degrees
Sand Wedge approx. 58-60 degrees
Lob Wedge approx. 60-64 degrees
What is bounce?
Bounce is a term that describes the shape of the bottom of the wedge, (the sole).  The flatter the bottom, the less bounce the club has, therefore on hard ground you would need less bounce so the flatter the bottom of the club the better, conversely on soft ground a more rounded bottom, (eg. The trailing edge being closer to the ground than the front edge of the club-head), would give a player more bounce.
What is the difference between steel & Graphite shafts?
Steel shafts are heavier
What is Flex?
The ability of the shaft of the club to bend during your swing taking into account all outside forces.
What is “torque”?
Torque is the resistance to twisting, the shaft has during the downswing.
How do I get out of long grass?
Playing the ball further back in your stance, with more weight on your front foot, and a steeper angle of attack into the ball.
How do I chip onto a green from rough / semi rough?
Either play the ball further back in your stance to allow your wedge to strike the ball first, ground second, or, use a sand wedge or lob wedge & play it like a bunker shot, (taking grass under the ball).
My course has lots of tall grass, & tough rough, what shots do I play, to deal with these conditions?
Play the ball back in your stance, weight on front foot, & a steep attack at the back of the ball.
How many wedges should I ideally have in my bag?
Depending on your level of play (ie. handicap / experience), the following:
High Handicap – Pitching wedge & Sand wedge.
Medium Handicap – Pitch, Sand & Lob wedges.
Low Handicap – Pitch, Approach, Sand, Lob.Low handicappers, may NOT choose to carry all of these wedges as it is down to taste, and unless the player is “au fait” with all of the wedges, it could become confusing.  However, players, at that level, would normally consult a professional on the uses of each of these wedges, and decide from there, which of them suit their own particular game.